Upcoming Open Auditions

Directed By Andrea Zvaleko and Cynthia Martells

Audition Dates

Friday, May 21, 12-3 pm

Saturday, May 22, 2-5 PM

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The North Coast Repertory Theatre announces open auditions for The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde. Both auditions will be held at NCRT, 300 Fifth Street, Eureka.

To keep numbers to a safe capacity, each time slot will be for 1 hour, with a maximum capacity of 7 people. This is a NO-PREP audition! Just come in comfortable clothes, ready to move and have fun! No need to prepare a piece, though a Shakespearean monologue of a minute or under is welcome. We are seeking dancers, musicians, aerialists, and folks with general skill and interest in physical theatre, though such ability or experience is not required.

Production Dates:
August 5th-28th, 2022. Rehearsals will begin June 13th.

One of William Shakespeare's most popular and beloved comedies, it is a tale about love and magic, mistaken identity, and traversing the veils between reality and dreams, all set in a mystical forest of fairies and fairy trickery. Originally set in Athens, our production is to be set in a timeless, surrealist dreamscape.

We reserve the possibility of casting outside of traditional gender roles. Please state any roles you're interested in regardless of stated gender presentations when signing up.
Some roles may be doubled.

Theseus: 40+ Presents as male
Hippolyta: 35+ Presents as female
Egeus: 40+ Presents as male
Lysander: 20-30 Presents as male
Hermia: 20-30 Presents as female
Demetrius: 20-30 Presents as male
Helena: 20-30 Presents as female
Titania: 30+ Presents as female
Oberon: 30+ Presents as male

All of the following are any age, any gender.



NCRT’s Commitment to Conscious-casting:

As a theatre institution, we hold ourselves accountable in the casting decisions we make. The actions of listening and compassionate understanding are at the heart of the practice. These decisions reflect the power dynamics of the outside world and the society we live in. Just as theatre can hold a mirror up to nature, it also provides a lens for us to better see a path towards a more inclusive community. Conscious-casting is the acknowledgment of a performer’s race, gender, and sexual identities, and the impact those identities have within a given role, on the stories we choose to tell and how we tell them. NCRT commits to conscious casting, acknowledging and embracing identities to further equity, diversity, meaningful inclusion and accessibility in our space and stage.

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Sign Up For Our Audition List