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Saturday, January 21, 12-3 PM

Sunday, January 22, 6-9 PM

Northcoast Repertory Theatre will be hosting auditions for its upcoming production of No Exit.
Three strangers are trapped in one mysterious room together. As conflicts and confessions ensue, events begin to swiftly unravel. Written in 1944 by philosopher Jean-Paul Sarte, No Exit examines whether, in fact, ‘Hell is other people’...

Production dates are May 5-7, 19-21, and June 2-4

Where: NCRT, 300 Fifth Street, Eureka.
When: January 21, 12-3 PM. January 22, 6-9 PM

How to participate: For these auditions, no sign-ups are necessary and no prep is necessary. The first hour of every day will be warm-ups, theater games, and other exploration exercises. This hour will be low-stress, fun, and is the perfect way to try auditioning if this is your first time, or if it’s been a while. The 1-3 pm time slots for each day will consist of cold readings from the script. Prepared monologues are not necessary.

Covid Safety Guidelines: For the continued health of everyone, we require that every participant shows proof of vaccination or a recent negative test (within 72 hours) Covid test before entering. Masks will be worn when not reading scenes.

Available Roles:

Inez: Female-presenting. Cautious. She's not someone who beats around the bush, and is very direct. She's clearly not a nice person, but also someone whose approval you would want.

Estelle: Female-presenting. The opinions of other people matter to her greatly. How she presents herself to others is something she's very aware of, but she's also very selfish and insecure.

Garcin: Male-presenting. He's someone who tries to impress others around him with a certain confidence, but at the same time it feels disingenuous. He's trying very hard to fit into an ideal, but it's just not who he is.

Our Commitment to Conscious-casting: As theatre institutions, we hold ourselves accountable in the casting decisions we make. The actions of listening and compassionate understanding are at the heart of the practice.
These decisions reflect the power dynamics of the outside world and the society we live in. Just as theatre can hold a mirror up to nature, it also provides a lens for us to better see a path towards a more inclusive community.
Conscious-casting is the acknowledgment of a performer’s race, gender, and sexual identities, and the impact those identities have within a given role, on the stories we choose to tell and how we tell them.
NCRT is committed to conscious casting, acknowledging and embracing identities to further equity, diversity, meaningful inclusion and accessibility in our space and stage. As such, we invite EVERYONE to audition for their desired roles, incorporating how each individual can uniquely add to the dynamics and world of the inclusive and diverse stories we strive to tell.
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Sign Up For Our Audition List