The Festival of Dreams continues into the fall with FESTIVAL OF DREAMS: OUTER FRINGE!  Featuring eight entirely brand-new performing arts productions devised by local artists, and playing across six different venues throughout Eureka, you’re sure to find something  to spark your imagination in the Outer Fringe!

You can buy tickets to individual performances by clicking the link below, or see everything and save over 30% by purchasing a Festival Pass!  You can also read about each of the productions below as well.

Questions?  You can reach us at  FESTIVAL OF DREAMS: OUTER FRINGE is made possible in part due to the generous support of the City of Eureka.

Read about the shows here


Kinetic Paranormal Society

10/7 - 8 PM

House of Nice
712 5th Street, Eureka

A pair of socks in a magical wardrobe traveling through time and space and investigating all things supernatural!  Meanwhile, in this dimension, the Kinetic Paranormal Society is a puppet troupe re-enacting the adventures of Bartleby and Artemus.  Experience this supernatural sitcom sensation live in person!

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10/5,10/6,10/7 - 8 PM

North Coast repertory Theatre
300 5th Street, Eureka

A Genesis story that launches some time in the early 90’s and ends abruptly at midnight on January 1st, 2000. The Devil and an Angel download some significant software. White Jesus performs live! The forbidden fruit is Gay! A wild, episodic, multimedia spectacle driven by the desire for interconnectedness… and corrupted by codependent tendencies.

Presented by The Mystical A/V Club and produced by local clown wives and Dell’Arte alumni, Alessandra Russo and Victoria Timoteo. Audio scoring by Mark Doubleyou.


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Thanatos, Eros, Dirt

10/5, 10/6 - 6 PM, 10/7, 10/8 - 2:30 PM

Old TOwn Ink Lab
212 G Street #103, Eureka

What story is trying to be heard? What wounds are singing? Where do we learn we are not enough, or that we are ugly, or incapable? Can that story change? How do we ever change?

This performance is a short fable built from dreams, told with masks and music, with interactive community reflection and discussion. Whether you’re in the mood to talk or not, you can listen and contribute to this community story event. Created by the ensemble, directed by Sarah Peters Gonzalez, with Alexander Technique built into the rehearsal process by James Peck.

Artistic Team: Abby Maguire, James Peck, Sarah Peters Gonzalez, Vaya Sabadicci, Isabel Semler, Sabrina Silva


The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls

10/6, 10/7 - 8 PM, 10/8 - 2 pm

Synapsis Union
1675 Union Street, Eureka

An aerial spectacle where the audience is invited into a collective dream, exploring different states of Wigi, from the silty floor of the bay to the sky above. Aerial silks, lyras, and devised apparatuses are used to invoke the imaginative space between tides, inviting spectators to experience the wonder of the natural world while invoking questions about human impacts on the environment. This ensemble devised aerial dance theater performance incorporates hoops, fans, shadow puppets, text, and music into a transformative experience and is suitable for all ages.

Redwood Regrowth and Radical Self-Love

10/7, 10/8 - 5:30 PM

Sequoia Park Gazebo
3550 W Street, Eureka

If this production fell asleep and dreamed, it would dream about: – Empathetic connection to redwood trees, and how we can learn from them about how to coexist, connect, support, and grow. – Radical self-love by celebrating the weirdness and eccentricities of our bodies and honoring the stories and paths that have made us the way we are.  – The importance of community in securing a sense of self and belonging, and the feeling of being a part of a welcoming uniqueness-affirming collective.
Artists: Sabrina Silva, Damla Ari, Lea Gregersen, Carissa Clark, Abby Maguire 
Meet at the Gazebo in Sequoia Park at 5:30pm and follow signs to the performance site. 
No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 
Rain Location: Old Town Ink Lab 
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The Pact

10/8 - 2 PM

Northcoast repertory Theatre 300 5th Street, Eureka

Three aging actresses live together in New York; their friend Sue lives just down the block. Their unavailing pursuit for just one more real acting job is drastically interrupted when Sue’s granddaughter comes. None of their lives will ever be quite the same. 

What Have We Learned

11/12 - 4 PM

Jefferson Community Center
1000 B Street, Eureka

We explore a day in the lives of students and teachers, who are each trying their best to learn and adapt to the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The story reminds us of the importance of love, connection, and imagination in the face of struggle—and of the great lessons we each may learn from each other.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to illness, this production has been RESCHEDULED to the date of 11/12/2023.

Free School

The Free School of Future Communion

11/11 - 8 pM, 11/12 - 8 PM

Synapsis Union
1675 Union Street, Eureka

The Free School of Future Communion is an ongoing inquiry into the relationship between poetics, politics, and the practice of care. Performance making acts as a tool for exploring conflicting ideologies that course through our worlds. Dance and physical states are used as vessels for the invocation of warriors, plants, “good girls” and “bad men”, and the uninhabited places where ghosts survive. This piece is simultaneously irreverent and prayerful, a question about the ways we are and the ways we might yet become.

Performed by Leslie Castellano with live music by Jonathan Kipp.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to a scheduling conflict, this production has been RESCHEDULED to the week of 11/11/2023.