Looking For A Fundraiser For Your Non-Profit?

Buy a Benefit Night At An NCRT Show!

Opening weekends of NCRT shows are generally reserved for benefit performances for other non-profits. Your non-profit buys the house at a fraction of the normal cost, sells the tickets at a price that you determine. We provide you with posters, promotional materials, and support.

This is a great way for us to partner with other non-profits in our community and reach new audiences. And non-profits that actively sell their tickets can have a potentially very lucrative fundraiser. We do ask that you set your ticket price to at least NCRT’s standard ticket prices or higher ($18 for musicals, $16 for non-musicals).

You are welcome to bring literature, promotional materials, give a short pre-performance speech, or have a reception after the performance.

For Details, Email Artistic Director Calder Johnson



Cost To You:

$800 (Musical) $700 (Non-Musical)

Tickets Provided:

132 (7 Reserved for Theatre Staff)

Value at Different Prices:

$20 per ticket = $2640
$25 per ticket = $3300


$100 Due at Booking
Remainder on Night Of Event